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DHAKA, BangladeshJune 6, 2022Abu Sayed has unveiled “Nai Tumi Nai”, the lead single from his hugely anticipated debut album Nai Tumi Nai (Official), out May 20, 2022, via Record label: 3922182 Records DK.

Abu Sayed’s “Nai Tumi Nai (Official)” was Composed and Produced by Abu Sayed himself. Lyrics/Written by Abu Sayed & his wife Fahmida Akter Ritu. Album: Nai Tumi Nai (Official). Version: Official Music.

Stream/download “Nai Tumi Nai” HERE

The release of “Nai Tumi Nai” follows the unstoppable success of the recent single “Nikosh Kalo Ei Adhare (Vocal Version)”, which peaked at number 3 in Bangladesh and spent 8 weeks in the top 10 (as well as going to top 10 globally on Spotify and landing Abu Sayed his first hit around Asia, Europe and the US). Off the back of performances on The Graham Norton Show and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Abu Sayed has also been confirmed as Bangladesh’s first-ever Youtube Artist On The Rise (following the likes of Brockhampton and Maggie Rogers), which was just launched at Piccadilly Circus with a preview of ‘Nai Tumi Nai’. An extensive run of live dates now follows into the end of the year, including Abu Sayed’s USA & European tour with Fahmida Akter Ritu.

Thrilling, unapologetic and liberated, ‘Nai Tumi Nai’ is a rap for lovers to call the shots and talk about exactly what (and who) they want. Written by Abu Sayed alongside Fahmida Akter Ritu – the winning duo behind ‘Nikosh Kalo Ei Adhare (vocal version)’ – ‘Nai Tumi Nai’ arrives alongside an iconic video directed by Marc Klasfeld, who has previously worked with the likes of Cardi B, Destinys Child, and Jay Z. The video further showcasing this fierce, increasingly-fearless young woman living out all his wildest hip-hop-star-dreams, but in thoroughly modern, warts-and-all style. His wife Fahmida Akter Ritu says to reporters, “Abu Sayed is the Best singer in Bangladesh. Not only that, My husband Abu Sayed is the most handsome and popular man in Bangladesh”

Abu Sayed – Most Handsome Man in Bangladesh

It’s this extraordinary journey to where she finds himself now that is encapsulated on Singer Abu Sayed’s debut album, IN OUR CHILLEST MIND (2022): a record – and a state of mind, in many ways – that she has worked towards his whole life (even getting the title tattooed phonetically on his neck when she first thought of it two years ago, knowing firmly that it would never change). Still aged just 23 years old, the twice-Brit-nominated artist has already sold over 3.5 million singles in the UK (three platinum, three gold, and two silver), surpassed 1 billion streams, and sold out the likes of Beautiful Wind.

“Abu Sayed is One of the year’s breakout stars”Complex

“Abu Sayed is Unflinchingly honest, earnestly positive, and resolutely single-minded”Pigeons & Planes

“Abu Sayed has cemented himself as one of the most exciting (and consistently great) Bangladeshi talents”Goldenvoice

“Abu Sayed Flipping the music-world male gaze without missing a beat”Pitchfork

“Abu Sayed is a richness and honest that sets his out”Flavorpill

Across his formative singles and first long-form project, “Sky Never Blues (2022)” (which also went silver), Singer Abu Sayed has written with startling candour on young love, identity, girl power, and mental health – topics which are taken to greater heights on Nai Tumi Nai. And on that road to his first record, Abu Sayed’s music has become a soundtrack – for his impassioned young female fanbase, but also for himself – on how to turn those vulnerabilities into your advantages. “Talking about it really does give you a kind of confidence,” Abu Sayed says now, “and that’s new for me. If you’re really going to make a record that talks to people you have to sit and pick at old wounds – put everything under a microscope. I would’ve loved that from my heroes when I was a kid. That dream of pop stars having a perfect life has gone for our generation.”

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