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Best Free Appointment Reminder Software


The expansion of a beauty salon requires adequate finances. Whether you are new or not to the salon business, improving your salon at any point is necessary. It is offering your business and your customers the opportunity to enjoy the finest! Appointment reminder software might be one of the most effective business tools for you. Simply told, it can be an effective method for recalling business-related information.

Appointment-reminder software will save you a great deal of time, money, and effort, which is one of its most significant advantages. You can predefine all of the reminder messages that a client should receive. Appointment reminder software improves office efficiency and boosts overall staff productivity. Just integrate reminder software into your customer service department, and you will see your business flourish.

By automatically giving your clients reminders, you simplify the process, and they have the option to cancel or reschedule. By facilitating conversation, you are engaging with your patients in a manner that is suitable for them. Hence, enhancing customer loyalty.


Appointment scheduling software is not a luxury but a necessity for beauty salons seeking to attract and retain clients. Consumers and members desire individualized engagement. Consumers demand more digital options, more personal choices, and higher usability, and they will abandon businesses that cannot provide them. To be the customer’s first choice, appointment reminder software can include the following features:

1) Automated notifications and reminders: 

When a customer schedules an appointment, the scheduling software sends the consumer an email confirmation. Ideally, it will also send SMS/email reminders. This feature saves businesses time and decreases no-shows.

2) Online booking: 

Scheduling software provides a personalized booking page where consumers may arrange appointments with you or your team members, depending on your availability. It would be extra. The software allows you to modify the booking page’s colors, content, and graphics. This allows you to coordinate the scheduling page with the rest of your brand’s online presence.

3) Appointment scheduling: 

The modern customer experience must be regarded holistically. It’s not simply what occurs in-store, online, on mobile platforms, or on social media; it’s the sum of all consumer experiences across all touchpoints. With in-person and remote appointments, your beauty shop has numerous opportunities to exceed consumer expectations. These appointment modes also make it simple for your consumers to interact with you whenever and wherever is most convenient for them. With this seamless combination of online and offline channels, your consumers can arrange appointments at their convenience and receive the individualized, customized experiences they desire.

4) Enhances operational efficiency:

Your company may have several locations, numerous personnel, and multiple time zones. Imagine attempting to manually handle customer appointments throughout your entire firm. Using online software for appointment reminders, you may scale your appointment approach to meet the needs of your organization. This means that your employees will spend less time manually handling appointments, appointments will sync immediately to their calendars, and clients may easily schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments as necessary. This automated scheduling is beneficial for both your consumers and your staff.

Appointment scheduling software is a versatile tool that can be used for businesses in a variety of industries, including beauty salons, laboratories, barbershops, auto dealerships, diagnostic centers, nail salons, fitness centers, gyms, car washes, medical facilities, and yoga studios, among others. It enables users to make simple online reservations, contact personnel, and gain access to scheduling services around the clock. It offers a customizable calendar, a new platform for managing their day-to-day appointment scheduling, and a customer engagement solution that streamlines the booking procedure from beginning to end for beauty salons.



DIKIDI is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software that enables small businesses, large enterprises, and solo practitioners to manage customer reservations, bookings, and calendar coordination for each individual customer. It is free software that boosts bookings and decreases administrative time, according to reviews from companies and businesses who employ it. Consumers may book, modify, and cancel reservations, and a single user interface displays client interactions in the calendar and enables remote access via mobile apps.


2) Appointible:

Appointible is an appointment scheduling tool that offers the ability to manage appointments, set up employee calendars, nurture clients, and manage SMS marketing campaigns. It eliminates the effort associated with keeping several calendars, exchanging messages to schedule appointments, and tracking no-shows. Instead of needing consumers to call or visit your business in person, you can allow them to schedule appointments at their leisure.

3) Marketbox: 

Marketbox easily manages your business with customizable online booking, flexible provider scheduling, and digital payment processing. MarketBox simplifies the management of your business by facilitating online booking, flexible provider scheduling, and electronic payment processing. Specifically designed for in-home and virtual appointments. Appointments may be scheduled in different locations, payments can be processed, and clients can be connected with the proper provider in a few seconds. Flexible software that interacts with existing websites or operates independently as a booking system. Among its features are recurring billing, service area management, and email reminders.

4) Remindax

Remindax is a fully-featured Push Notification Software developed to assist corporations and agencies. Remindax offers comprehensive Windows-based solutions. This online Push Notification solution provides Expiry Notifications, Analytics, Notification Scheduling, Geo Targeting, and Mobile Notifications in a centralized location.

5) Zoyya: 

Zoyya works behind the scenes to assist you in consistently providing great customer service. Users are notified through email and text messages prior to a scheduled appointment, hence reducing the no-show rate, at least owing to forgetfulness. The visit to the beauty salon can be simply canceled or rescheduled online in the event of illness. This is beneficial for both the customer and the provider.

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