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Danii Banks | The Curvy Fashion Model On The Industry

Danii Banks

Danii Banks has made a name for herself in the fashion industry over the past few years. With her newly-signed agency with IMG Models, she’s set to make even more of an impact on the industry and curvy models in general. 

With multiple runway credits and high-profile modeling jobs under her belt, as well as a highly successful YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers, Danii Banks is already making waves in her field, and with her hard work and dedication, she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Who is Danii Banks?

Danii Banks is more than just your average plus-size model. Armed with an infectious personality and an unapologetic fashion sense, she is making waves in the modeling industry by proving that size doesn’t matter when finding success. 

Having grown up around larger women who modeled her clothing, she was always fascinated by the industry. But it wasn’t until graduating from high school and stepping out into her first professional photo shoot that she realized modeling was what she wanted to do. 

Danii has had stellar work since then and has collaborated with numerous brands, such as Urban Outfitters and MAC Cosmetics, all of which are committed to creating a safe space for women of all sizes. In addition to modeling, Danii also runs a blog where she writes about style, society’s perception of beauty, and self-love. 

She believes every woman deserves to love herself, so through her blog posts and captions on Instagram, she works towards spreading this message. Her goal is to show other women how they can achieve their goals regardless of what anyone else says or thinks about them. 

She wants everyone to know that your weight does not define your worth. Danii knows that being both tall and curvy makes it difficult for many people to relate, but she encourages everyone to find clothes in their size at stores like Lane Bryant or Torrid. 

How She Began Her Career in Fashion

While she may not have planned on becoming a model at first, Danii never imagined she would become an activist for body positivity. When it came time for high school graduation photos, one of her teachers suggested that Danii be in them, which changed her life. 

I fell in love with it. I loved the makeup artists and the fashion, says Danii. And ever since then, I’ve wanted to make this my career. And now? She’s booked for photo shoots left and right and has a burgeoning career in modeling. 

I’ve been working really hard to build my portfolio and am just going with what feels good, says Danii. Her experience as a designer has helped tremendously when it comes to knowing what looks good on her figure. Being a plus-size woman in the industry, I feel like I can speak more confidently about how clothes should fit me. 

You know, I get to try things on and say whether they work or don’t work for me. It’s such a special feeling to be able to do that because so many designers aren’t giving women our size an opportunity to show their stuff.

What’s Next?

Danii’s modeling experience has allowed her to excel at both print and runway work for various brands. She is not just another plus-size model; she is also an advocate for women with curves. Danii says I want people to know they’re beautiful no matter their size or shape. 

With powerful messages like this, it seems like Danii will continue making waves in the fashion industry. The top-heavy trend of late has given her even more opportunities to display her unique style on the runway. 

In addition to being featured in print spreads, including Cosmopolitan Brasil, L’Officiel Paris, and Eu Também Gosto de Carnaval: A High Street Guide to Rio’s Carnival Festival, she was one of six models chosen for its Curves theme show. 

In total, she walked eight times during Madrid’s week-long fashion week. In future seasons, Danii hopes to break into the beauty world. I love makeup, she said. It’s fun and playful. As we enter 2022, stay tuned for more from Danii as she pursues new heights in her career. 

Before you read any further, take the time to think about where you see yourself in five years. I don’t have any words left.

Stay Tuned

As an advocate for body positivity and Diversity in fashion, as well as someone who had to learn how to love themselves before they could love others, the Chicago native has been making waves in the industry with her uncompromising candor. 

To me, beauty is being comfortable in your own skin, and she tells Nylon of her mission statement. I want women to feel good about themselves, so I try to focus on that. It’s not always easy when you are surrounded by photoshopped images that perpetuate the idea that one body type is better than another, but it doesn’t stop me from trying my best every day.

When asked about how we can encourage more Diversity in the modeling industry, Banks says Diversity isn’t just a buzzword or trend – it’s something that needs to be explored. For those starting out their careers in the modeling world, she encourages them to just do their thing, adding I want people out there who see my work and see themselves. 

Danni Banks wants to make it clear that representation matters, whether you’re transgender, queer, black, brown, or any other color of the rainbow. She has done interviews with fellow plus-size models like Paloma Elsesser and Gabi Gregg (both friends), where they discuss fashion trends specific to plus-size models (like wearing crop tops). 

In addition to modeling, Banks also does motivational speaking engagements where she shares her story and helps teach others how to find their way through difficult times.

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