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Editor Search | 5 minutes to find the best

Editor Search 5 minutes to find the best

Looking for a professional copywriter to write content for your website? Do you have an e-commerce, a blog, or do you want to create one for your business? Your site must stand out among thousands of others in search engine results. Its content must be optimized to attract targeted visitors interested in what you offer. Does that sound like a mountain to climb? There is a magician who can help you achieve this goal: the SEO web editor! What can it really do for you? How to find a reliable and competent one? Discover our advice to help you in your search for an editor. As a bonus at the end of the article, find the perfect writer for you in 5 minutes!

Find a copywriter: why do it?

You think of using an SEO web editor, but you hesitate, you wonder what he can really do for you. It’s legitimate, this profession is still little known. Here are the main assets of the editor to support you in your website project.

Delegate writing to optimize my time

You are a business manager, blogger, self-entrepreneur, you surely have a thousand things to think about and do on a daily basis. You think about your sales strategy, your persona (ideal customer), the products you want to create, your communication plan, your budget, etc. How to optimize your time to gain efficiency?


There is a concept as simple as it is famous for sorting out priority tasks: Pareto’s law, or the 80/20 principle. Indeed, 20% of our actions would contribute to 80% of our results. For example, 20% of what you sell produces 80% of your turnover. It is therefore a question of concentrating all your efforts on these actions, and delegating secondary activities as much as possible.


If you don’t particularly like to write, or if you don’t know anything about SEO, it’s going to take up your time and energy, which could be used to grow your business. The solution? Entrust this task to a professional web editor, who will know how to write the perfect content to boost your visibility on the internet.

Write quality content for my website

Your website is your virtual showcase, the representation of your image in the eyes of thousands of Internet users. It is important to take care of it to enhance your ereputation on the Web. 

An attractive, well-built and fast website attracts visitors and invites them to linger longer. On the other hand, if the texts are badly written, difficult to understand and full of mistakes, this can scare away potential customers.

What you do in several hours, an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) web editor will do in three times less time. Especially since the creation of ghostwriter content cannot be improvised, it is a profession.

A professional web editor has a perfect command of spelling, grammar, syntax and typography rules. He writes content that is relevant, impactful and pleasant to read. Its two supreme objectives are:

  • Satisfy the user experience (UX): create content that appeals to site visitors and meets their expectations;
  • Boost natural referencing (SEO): optimize the text to stick to the criteria of search engines, which are more and more demanding.

These two objectives require expertise and time. By calling on a professional writer, you can quickly feed your site with quality content, targeted to attract a maximum of potential customers.

Improve the natural referencing of my website

The web is a huge sprawling forest. Recent figures are dizzying: more than 1.7 billion websites worldwide, 2 million blogs, 6 billion searches on Google per day… The first page of Google results (SERP of its small name) operates ruthless sorting: 75% of Internet users do not scroll and click on the very first results (source: Statista).

The first position is the Holy Grail, since it absorbs more than a quarter of the clicks. This is the obsession of the SEO web editor. He makes every effort to ensure that the content he writes is in this coveted place. A good web editor does at least the following steps:

  • study of the target audience;
  • search for relevant queries and keywords;
  • consideration of the user experience;
  • Writing a captivating, structured and airy text (title, subtitles, introduction, etc.).

A competent web editor knows the tips and tools to optimize the content of a website to appeal to Internet users and search engines. He keeps himself regularly informed of developments in the field of SEO.

You have understood it, the web editor is your best friend to help you position your website well on Google and others. This is the key to high and qualified traffic.

How to find a good copywriter?

You are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​hiring a web editor to create the content for your website. How can you be sure to choose the right person? We have cleared the way for you. Discover our tips to facilitate your search for the perfect copywriter.

Determine my editorial content needs

Prior to your search for an editor, think carefully about your content needs for your website. You will save precious time, because even if a good web editor is able to write all kinds of texts, he may have his preferences. If you clearly express your request from the start, you increase your chances of finding a writer who specializes in your field of activity, or in the type of content you want. Indeed, a web editor can develop:

  • product sheets to describe what you are selling (product or service);
  • website pages (including the “about” page, which gives your prospect confidence);
  • Blog articles: it is recommended to add a blog or news section to your site to regularly supply it with fresh content.

That’s not all! An editor can also offer these services:

  • Audio transcripts of videos, to create a link between your YouTube channel and your site. Indeed, some Internet users like to watch videos, others prefer to read an article. The web editor can also write the subtitles for your video;
  • Ebooks: these short digital books are on the rise. Nicely laid out, they are perfect as a gift to give to newcomers to your site. It is a very effective free calling product;
  • Translation, correction and optimization of existing content.

You know more about the many contents that a web editor can write. You can now develop your briefing, a note that explains the type of text you need, for which site, which field of activity, the number of words, possibly the keywords you want to appear. Your briefing can be very specific, or you can give the writer carte blanche.

Define my budget

Remember the 80/20 principle seen earlier. By hiring a web editor to create content, you are investing to save time elsewhere. So, you can focus on the actions you master: developing your customer portfolio, creating new products, setting up your communication plan, managing your team, etc.

Think about how much you are willing to invest to increase your visibility on the web and attract targeted traffic from potential customers.

Did you knowInternet users trust the natural results of search engines more than paid advertising!

Concretely, what does an SEO web writing service include? Writing for the web takes time and requires several actions:

  • search for reliable information;
  • neat writing focused on the user experience;
  • optimization for natural referencing (structure, semantic field, HTML markup);
  • internal networking (placing links between the pages of the site to walk the Internet user);
  • Possibly integration on the CMS of your site.

Web writing is more complex than it seems, and represents meticulous work including a good deal of thought.

To ensure a return on investment, look for a competent, well-trained copywriter who will do everything possible to ensure that your site attracts as many visitors as possible who are interested in your content.

Find a professional copywriter in 5 minutes

You can’t wait to recruit the copywriter who will save you time AND potential clients. Your research has brought you to the right place! La Redact du Web is a platform that only offers handpicked premium writers. They have all followed one of Lucie Rondelet’s training courses in SEO web writing, over a minimum of six months. It is a guarantee of quality, autonomy and efficiency. Select a confirmed editor according to specific criteria (level, specialty, and city) in less than 5 minutes!

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