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Fitness Influencer Brittany Dawn

Fitness Influencer Brittany Dawn

As a fitness influencer, Brittany Dawn is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to stay fit. Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn is no stranger to fitness and healthy living. In her latest blog post, she shares her top five tips for staying motivated to work out. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been working out for years, these tips will help you reach your fitness goals!

Who Is Brittany Dawn and What Does She Do

Brittany Dawn is an amazing fitness influencer who is inspiring many people every day. She is not just about fitness, though. In fact, she incorporates her joyful personality and healthy lifestyle tips into her content to create a meaningful experience for her followers. Brittany has determined that success comes through consistency, so she helps others to track their own fitness journeys by documenting hers and connecting the dots between what works and doesn’t work. It’s no surprise that more than 300k people have subscribed to watch this fitness goddess on Youtube!

How Did Brittany Dawn Get Into Fitness

Brittany Dawn didn’t always envision fitness to be her career and passion. Growing up in Dallas, she found herself pulled in various directions; meeting with college counselors debating between a major in nursing or athletic training was the norm. After much contemplation, selecting Athletic Training as her major at Texas Woman’s University would forever change her life. With fitness being a fundamental component of her degree, Brittany was able to develop an even stronger connection to fitness. From there it was no surprise that fitness eventually became the primary focus in her life and the catalyst for creating Brittany Dawn Fitness as a fitness influencer. Her mission is “to inspire and empower others to show up for themselves each day” through fitness, something she works extremely hard to promote every day. Today her fitness focused YouTube channel, alongside fitness programs, provides over 500K people with fitness tips, advice and overall ‘motivation to move’!

What Are Some of Brittany Dawn’s Most Popular Workouts

Brittany Dawn is a fitness influencer and trainer who emphasizes creating unique fitness experiences to help her followers reach their fitness goals. Her popular workout programs offer something for everyone from short, intense HIIT workouts to longer, strength-focused sessions. One of the most popular workouts she offers is her BBG program, which is a twelve-week fitness program designed to help individuals achieve results quickly by combining strength training exercises with high-intensity interval training. Additionally, Brittany also posts low impact bodyweight workouts and yoga flows on her Instagram page to make sure everyone can feel included and find something that works for them. So if you’re looking to get fit and in shape, head over to Brittany Dawn’s fitness page, your fitness journey starts there!

What Are Some of Brittany Dawn’s Favorite Recipes

She also knows that eating right can be a challenge; especially with the holiday season fast approaching. That’s why she has some of her favorite recipes that make healthy meals easy and delicious. From Teriyati Bowls filled with seasonal vegetables and lean proteins to tasty protein-powder Ice Cream Muffins, Brittany has plenty of recipes in her arsenal that are sure to make following your nutrition goals a breeze. With such easy-to-follow recipes at her fingertips, Brittany Dawn will keep you on the fitness track all year round!

What Advice Would Brittany Dawn Give to Someone Just Starting Out on Their Fitness Journey

Brittany Dawn, fitness influencer and professional dancer, knows a thing or two about staying in shape. If you’re just beginning your fitness journey, she recommends that you start small and don’t try to do too much too soon. Make sure to keep your fitness regiment simple at first, like going for a 10-minute walk each day. Once you build up more endurance and conditioning over time, you can add in more challenging workouts. Keeping things interesting keeps motivation high; so vary the type of activities such as cycling, jogging or even dancing! Make it fun by engaging with friends or trying new fitness centers for variation. Most importantly enjoy yourself fitness should be treated as an enjoyable activity rather than something to dread every day!


Brittany Dawn is an expert at motivating others to lead healthy lifestyles, and her passion for fitness shines through in her content. Her online presence has attracted a large following, and she has been able to turn her blog into a full-time business. If you’re looking for inspiration to get started on your own fitness journey or are curious about the types of workouts Brittany Dawn recommends, be sure to check out her website and social media pages.

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