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Fix: Sprint Error 104

Fix: Sprint Error 104

There’s a long list of things that can go wrong with a Sprint, but today we’re going to focus on Sprint Error 104. Every Sprint is an important milestone in a project, but Sprint Error 104 can be the most important Sprint of all. Sprint Error 104 is a Sprint error that occurs when a Sprint has too many tasks. A Sprint with too many tasks is at risk of not being completed on time, which can cause a  great deal of stress for both the team and the ScrumMaster. By manipulating the Sprint backlog and either removing tasks or adding time to the Sprint, a Product Owner and ScrumMaster can avoid the dreaded Sprint Error 104. 

Power Cycle the Device

The simplest way to fix a Sprint Error 104 is to power cycle the device. This can be done by turning the device off and then back on. If this doesn’t work, you can also do a hard reset. This can be done by holding the power button and volume down button simultaneously. You can also try to  remember what you were doing right before the flashing yellow error code. If you were in the process of installing an app or updating the device, then you can uninstall it and try to install it again. If it didn’t work the first time, then you can try the same process again. If this still fails, then you will want to either restore the device to factory settings or try replacing the battery.

Unblock the Contact

If you’re getting a Sprint Error 104 on your phone, you should know that it’s not a problem with your phone. It’s more likely that the person you’re trying to contact has blocked you. If you want to unblock the person, go to the Settings app on your phone and find the  call Blocking option. Here, you have the option to unblock any number you want.

Text After Turning Off Your Wi-Fi

You’re on your phone, flipping through social media. It’s been a while since you’ve used your phone’s data, so you decide to turn off your Wi-Fi. You flip the switch, and the phone says “Sprint Error 104.” You’re not sure what this means, but you decide  to reboot the device and get rid of the error.

Change the Contact Type to Mobile

If you’re a Sprint customer having trouble connecting to the internet and you’re getting an Error 104 message, you may need to change the contact type to mobile. Sprint Error 104 is a message that is displayed on a Sprint phone when the device cannot connect to the  internet. If the default contact type is associated with wired connection, but you’re using Wi-Fi, then Sprint Error 104 can occur.

Chat with the Phone Number (Not the Contact)

The error code 104 on your phone means that the phone is unable to connect to Sprint’s network. Sprint is aware of the issue and is working to remedy it. In the meantime, you can chat with the Sprint contact center at 1-888-211-4727.  Sprint Error 104 is a common error that happens when you try to access your contacts on your phone. You may not be able to see your contacts if you have too many of them. The error may also happen if you have a really old phone. In this case, you should contact Sprint to get the error fixed. You can also try texting 2 or 3 to re-select your language. Sometimes the error may occur if you use the wrong access code to access your contacts. To contact the Android central support, you may dial 1-888-211-4727. Error code 104 on your phone is not a big deal. The Android central support is the best place to find all the information you need. I have just received a new Samsung Galaxy S8 and am trying to sync my contacts to it. I have set up my Google account and it seemed to communicate with the Google account. However I still get the error message when I attempt to sync the numbers.

Enable ‘Only send SMS and MMS Messages’ Option

Sprint Error 104 is a frustrating error that prevents you from sending and receiving messages. If you want to only send SMS and MMS messages and not worry about this frustrating error, then you need to enable the “Only send SMS and MMS Messages” option on your Sprint phone.  This option is the best  way to resolve Sprint Error 104 and it will also solve any other message problems you may be having.

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