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How often should beginners change guitar strings?

How often should beginners change guitar strings?

If you are serious about playing your guitar and the tone it is well worth spending an extra couple bucks per month on keeping the guitar in working order and playing at its best, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by keeping up with your guitar strings. The level of maintenance that you put into keeping your guitar looking good outside and in is also one of the biggest factors that plays an important role in deciding how frequently to change guitar strings.

If you play less often, say about one hour every few days, then you will likely need to change the strings on your guitar once every 6 to 8 weeks. If you play your guitar 2 hours a day, then you are definitely going to want to change the strings at least once per month, maybe even more frequently depending on other factors outlined below. Regardless of whether it is your 100th hour or 3 months, that is a great time to swap strings, and to prevent them from playing funny, breaking, or tuning incorrectly.

When should we replace guitar strings?

Most guitarists should aim to replace strings every three months, or after playing with one set of strings for 100 hours. If you are playing less frequently, say about one hour every few days, then you will likely need to change guitar strings every 6 to 8 weeks. If you prefer a brighter tone, you are certainly going to want to change guitar strings more frequently than if you are going for a more thud-y tone.

If you switch out strings one to two days before a big show, then your new strings have time to settle (especially important for heavier strings on acoustic guitars). If you play your guitar every day, you might want to switch strings right before you leave on your trip, or another time you are going to be away from your guitar for several days.

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The phenomenon is pretty simple; if you are playing guitar every day for 1 or 2 hours, you will want your strings changed once every month or 3rd week. When changing the strings, some guitar players prefer changing a single string at a time, whereas some guitar players prefer removing them all at one time. You could switch out only one string, but there is a good chance it would alter your guitars tone.

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Guitars are designed to hold the tension on the neck, so there is no need to weaken the strings after playing. String tension is far higher on steel-string guitars, and classic guitars are not built to withstand such high tension.

Overall, spending a few more dollars for a high-quality set of coated guitar strings will increase your string-change times over those without coating.

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