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How to Apply Screen Protector

How to apply screen protector

Whether you just bought a new phone or have had one for a while, it’s important to protect the screen from getting scratched or cracked. One way to do this is by applying a screen protector. Screen protectors come in different shapes and sizes, so be sure to choose the right one for your device. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to apply a screen protector like a pro!

Clean the Screen of Your Device With a Microfiber Cloth

Your device’s screen is one of its most important features, so it’s important to keep it clean and free of smudges. A microfiber cloth is a gentle and effective way to clean your screen without damaging it. Just apply a small amount of pressure and wipe in a circular motion. For best results, use a separate microfiber cloth for each screen on your device. You can also apply a screen protector to help keep your screen clean and free of scratches.

Peel the Adhesive Backing Off of the Screen Protector

In order to apply your new screen protector, you’ll need to first remove the adhesive backing. The easiest way to do this is to start at one corner and slowly peel the backing away from the screen protector. Be careful not to apply too much force, as you don’t want to accidentally damage the screen protector. Once the adhesive backing has been removed, you can now line up the screen protector with your device and apply it. Press down on the center of the screen protector and work your way outwards, applying pressure evenly across the surface. If there are any bubbles or wrinkles, simply use a credit card or another object to smooth them out. And that’s it! You’ve now successfully applied your new screen protector. Enjoy your bubble-free display!

Align the Screen Protector With the Top and Bottom Edges of Your Device’s Screen

Applying a screen protector is a great way to keep your device’s screen looking new. In order to apply the screen protector correctly, first, align the top and bottom edges of the screen protector with the top and bottom edges of your device’s screen. Then, gently apply pressure to the middle of the screen protector, working your way out to the sides. Once the screen protector is in place, use a soft cloth to remove any bubbles or wrinkles. With a little care, your screen protector will help keep your device’s screen looking like new.

Gently Press Down on the Center of the Screen Protector To Secure It in Place

It’s important to apply your screen protector correctly in order to avoid bubbles or wrinkles. Start by gently pressing down on the center of the screen protector. Then, work your way outwards, using even pressure to secure the edges. If you see any bubbles or wrinkles, you can try gently lifting up the screen protector and reapplying it. With a little patience, you’ll be able to apply your screen protector perfectly.

Use a Credit Card or Your Finger To Smooth Out Any Bubbles That May Have Former

Applying a screen protector is an important step in protecting your device, but it can be tricky to get a perfect application. One way to help ensure a smooth, bubble-free finish is to use a credit card or your finger to smooth out any bubbles that may have formed. Simply apply gentle pressure to the bubble and move the card in a circular motion until the bubble pops. You may need to repeat this process several times, but eventually, you should be left with a smooth, flawless surface.

Allow 24 Hours for the Adhesive to Fully Bond to Your Device’s Screen

When you apply a new screen protector, it’s important to allow the adhesive to bond fully to your device’s screen. This usually takes about 24 hours. During this time, avoid putting pressure on the edges of the screen or exposing it to high temperatures, as this could affect the bond. After 24 hours have passed, your screen protector should be firmly in place and ready to protect your device from scratches and other damage.


Applying a screen protector is an important way to protect your device from scratches and other damage. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your screen protector goes on smoothly and stays in place. Have you ever applied a screen protector? If not, what’s holding you back? Let us know in the comments below!

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