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How to Establish a Corporation in the U.S?

How to Establish a Corporation in the U.S

If you want to obtain access to the greatest market and investor pool in the world, you should consider forming your business in the United States. To learn more about selling on Amazon as a non-US citizen, check out our dedicated post.

If you are not a US resident but would nonetheless want to incorporate a business in the US for whatever reason (e.g., to get access to the US financial system through a US bank account or merchant account, to establish a physical presence in the US), then this guide is for you. To create a corporation is to “incorporate,” but to establish a limited liability company (LLC) is to “form an LLC,” as will be detailed in more detail below.

We will submit what are known as Articles of Incorporation or Certificates of Incorporation in order to company registration in USA. Articles of Organization or Certificate of Organization are the equivalent paperwork for Limited Liability Companies (Depending on the state, these forms may go by various names). The term “entity” is used to refer to a business that is not a natural person, such as a corporation or limited liability company.

You Must Decide Whether to Establish a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company

You may incorporate a Corporation (also known as a “C-Corporation” or “Regular Corporation”) or an LLC if any of the owners of the firm are not US Citizens; in the former case, the owners are known as “Shareholders,” and in the latter case, the members are the equivalent. The stockholders of an S-Corporation must all be United States citizens, although this business form is otherwise similar to a regular corporation.

A US corporation or limited liability company may have an unlimited number of owners from any jurisdiction, including foreign corporations, LLCs, and individuals. If you are unclear of the local requirements in your nation, it is crucial to study your local laws and, if required, contact an attorney who is knowledgeable with your case and US law.

Corporation and Limited Liability Company Formation: Choose a State

There is no restriction on where in the United States a corporation or limited liability company may be formed. The motivation behind your business formation will determine which state is best. Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming are among the most “business-friendly” states in the United States.

Business Naming: Choose One!

We’ll do some digging to make sure this name is still available in the state of your choosing. If that name is already used, we’ll be in touch to ask for some alternatives and continuing looking until we discover one that works.

U.S. Department of Labor Taxpayer ID Number (Optional)

A Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), often known as a “EIN” or a “Tax ID Number,” is a nine-digit number that serves as a form of corporate identity and is issued by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. Experts will help you to obtain an EIN number after your business is registered with the state. For instance, a US bank account application requires an FEIN (and perhaps, one in your home country, please check with your local bank to see if they require this number to open an account).

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