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What Can You Get When You Buy Arena of Valor Skins?


One of the main reasons that people get Arena of Valor top up is because of skins. Basically, Arena of Valor skins are cosmetic add-ons that can make the game’s heroes look pretty cool. And you bet they’re cool as heck—some of these skins are even collaborations with popular anime and such!

But is the cool factor the only thing you can get from AoV skins? How about stat boosts and power-ups? Whether you’re eyeing buying a skin or two of your favorite heroes or never bothered about skins but are willing to be convinced about it, we might be able to help with your skin predicament. Here’s our guide on what you can get when you buy Arena of Valor skins!

Can Arena of Valor Skins Give Stat Boosts?

Nope, Arena of Valor skins don’t have any stat boosts in them! They’re purely cosmetics.

Unlike other MOBA games, Arena of Valor hero skins don’t have any stat boosts at all, minor or otherwise. They don’t give your heroes a bit more HP, boost your power or speed, or give you gold. This way, players can’t simply spend money to power up their heroes, which avoids a pay-to-win scheme.

Arena of Valor Skins Look Cool and Give You the Cool Factor

Even though you don’t get any stat boosts, you do get a boost in coolness, which in turn can give you a serotonin boost. Because, hey, nice-looking heroes equal a happy player.

Yep, some of these skins look really good and are very pleasing to the eyes. Airi’s Sakura Fubuki is a pretty cherry blossom theme of the hero. Muay Thai Raz might even look cooler than his default skin. And Lu Bu’s Summer Bash, Ormarr’s Santa Claus outfit, and Cresht’s Sharkover skin are goofy as heck. What’s not to love?

Skins are also not just about the hero’s appearance. Characters may also get different voice lines and skill effects. Their movements may even change too! And speaking of movements…

Some Movements Feel Smoother and Attacks Look Subtler

Although skins don’t have any stat-boosting features in them, some players vow that certain skins change their gameplay for the better.

Officially, there’s no word that certain skin movements have better speed, but some players have noticed that the transition between skills is shorter and with less delay. Some even vouch that certain skins make certain attacks look subtler and harder to dodge, thus adding a sneaky strategy to their gameplay. Summer Bash Diao Chan and Krixi are two examples of this.

Look cool and play better? You bet.

You Can Get Limited Edition Skins From Official Collabs

Why suffer through FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when you can treat yourself and enjoy official collaboration skins before they’re gone? Yep, Arena of Valor has legit collabs with DC characters, Sailor Moon characters, and One Punch Man, to name a few. It’s a great way to enjoy your favorite animated characters while playing.

They can always sell some of the limited skins again through reruns, like how they recently made the One Punch Man skins available once more (get ‘em while they’re available, folks). But because of the nature of these special skins, who knows when they’ll be available again? Licenses can even get pulled, making them no longer available, which is what happened to the DC heroes. Better get them while they’re here.

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