How to fix the MCC-win64-shipping.exe Problem?

How to fix the MCC-win64-shipping.exe Problem?

MCC-Win64-Shipping.exe is an executable file related to the Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft Corporation. This file was initially produced on 7/29/2015 for the Windows 10 Operating System and is categorised as a Win64 EXE (Executable program) file.

Any issues with this file might cause your computer to become unstable because it is so essential to the smooth operating of the Windows 10 operating system. 

Check your system for malware.

Your MCC-win64-shipping.exe file may have issues if your computer is infected with malware. To resolve this issue, you must scan your system for malware and delete any infected files.

To clean up your system, you can follow some general guidelines.

  1. Use an anti-virus application to search your machine for malware first. You may use this to find any malware on your PC.
  2. Once the virus is located, you must clean off your system. Either manually or via an anti-malware tool, you can accomplish this.
  3. If careless, you can unintentionally erase crucial data since malware is difficult to eradicate.
  4. If you have an anti-malware tool running on your computer, it will immediately delete the infection. The best and safest choice is this one.
  5. After getting rid of the infection, you must restart your computer. By doing this, you can confirm that all malware has been removed and that your system is functioning correctly.
  6. You might need to reinstall the application if your MCC-win64-shipping.exe file is still giving you trouble. This will replace any damaged files and ought to solve the issue.

Update your drivers

When you receive the error message “MCC-win64-shipping.exe has stopped working,” your drivers are likely outdated. This error is caused by a mismatch between the game version you are playing and the drivers installed on the computer. This program will check your computer for any outdated or missing drivers. The most recent drivers will then be downloaded and installed for you.

Restart your computer after updating your drivers, then restart the game. Now you must correct the mistake. You may need to reinstall the game if you still receive the error message.

Check for Windows updates.

One of the first steps you should do when your computer is acting up is to look for Windows updates. Windows updates are free and may solve a lot of common issues. For updates, make sure to:

  1. Select Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update from the Start menu.
  2. Click the Updates checkbox.
  3. Updates will be downloaded and installed automatically if any are discovered.

Windows updates may resolve issues if the MCC-win64-shipping.exe file is the cause of the issues you’re experiencing.

The MCC-win64-shipping.exe file, a component of Microsoft Visual C++, is in charge of building and running C++ programs. Your computer may freeze or crash if this file has an issue. Windows updates may resolve the issue.

Scan with System File Checker

Users may check for and repair faulty Windows system files using the System File Checker application in Windows. This tool is handy if you have computer problems and think some of your system files may be damaged or corrupt.

Use the System File Checker utility by doing the following actions:

Launch a command prompt from a higher level. The System File Checker will begin scanning your system for MCC-win64-shipping.exe and other problems. Once the scan is complete, the System File Checker will report any problems.  

If the System File Checker could not fix your MCC-win64-shipping.exe problem, there might be other issues with your computer that are causing the problem. You can try running a virus scan with your anti-virus software or use the Windows Repair tool to attempt to repair any other issues with your computer.

Perform a clean boot of your system

A clean boot is when you turn on your computer with the bare minimum of starting applications and drivers. Removing starting items and program conflicts that may cause problems might assist problem-solving.

Take the following actions to execute a clean boot:

  • Click Start, then enter “msconfig” in the search box.
  • After selecting OK, restart your computer.

Run the DISM tool

You can resolve problems with MCC-win64-shipping.exe with the DISM utility. This program can address issues with MCC-win64-shipping.exe and damaged files and Windows components. You must first download and install the DISM utility before using it. Once the DISM program has been installed, you may launch it by selecting Start, then typing cmd into the search bar. Enter the command dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth after typing it at the command prompt. Now that it has scanned your system, the DISM utility will try to resolve any issues it finds.


For Windows users, the MCC-win64-shipping.exe bug is a widespread problem. You can do a few things to resolve this issue, but using a trustworthy and efficient registry cleaning is the best option. This will search your system and fix any corrupt or damaged files that are the root of the MCC-win64-shipping.exe issue.

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