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Rice Purity Test Score Meaning

Rice Purity Test Score Meaning

What is your rice purity test score meaning? Does it make you a saint or a sinner? Do you feel like you need to repent now? 

Although the Rice Purity Test is meant as a bit of fun, many people take it seriously and feel pressure to get a good score. So what exactly does your score mean? 

Keep reading to find out more about the test and what your result means for you.

What Is the Rice Purity Test and How Is It Scored 

The Rice Purity Test is a classic test of innocence and purity, dating back to the early twentieth century. Sometimes referred to as the S.Y.P. (“Stay Young Purity”) Test, it is designed to measure your purity and help you gauge how “ages” of life experiences you’ve had so far. The test consists of 100 questions about your past behaviors and experiences related to morals, ethics, behavior, and other areas of life, such as drugs, sex and alcohol where choices can show someone’s level of maturity or immaturity. Upon completion, you are assigned a rice purity score out of 100 that indicates how ‘pure’ or experienced in life you have been thus far. Generally speaking, the closer your score is to 100, the more pure and innocent you are seen as being; conversely, scores below 50 imply lower levels of innocence and purity. While a rice purity test score doesn’t define who a person is or dictate any particular moral code, it provides an entertaining way for people to determine their personal boundaries by reflecting on their past experiences.

What Do Different Scores Mean for Your Social Life 

Your rice purity test score can have a huge effect on your social life. It determines who you hang out with, which places you can go and the type of conversations you can participate in. If your rice purity score is low, then it may mean that you will feel excluded or judged by other people at social events. On the other hand, if your rice purity score is high, then it could be seen as a badge of honor that others find impressive. It could also open up new avenues for you to meet new people and explore different ideas. Ultimately, the depth of your social relationships will be influenced by your rice purity test score and could largely determine how comfortable and content you are in different situations.

How to Improve Your Score if Needed 

Improving your rice purity test score isn’t as difficult as it seems, it can be done with determination and effort. To start, it’s important to understand that each activity listed in the rice purity test is assigned a specific point value, with higher values indicating more mature activities. Keeping this point system in mind, you can use multiple methods to raise your rice purity test score bit by bit until you’re satisfied! For example, reviewing self-development books or participating in volunteer activities that align with the rice purity test score system are both great sources for gradually improving your rice purity test score. The bottom line is that if your current rice purity test score isn’t where you’d like it to be, don’t worry – because you have the power to improve it!

What Are the Consequences of a High or Low Score 

Most people are aware of what a rice purity test score means, it is a measure of how “pure” someone is. This can be based on things such as sexual behavior, drug use, and even criminal activities. A high rice purity test score indicates that a person has led a clean life and may have never tried certain activities and actions that many would deem non-virtuous. On the other hand, having a low rice purity test score reflects more experimentation and involvement in various vices. Both results have different sets of consequences, if your rice purity test score is high, you can generally fit better into certain social circles but perhaps be seen as too conservative or naïve; on the opposite side, having a low rice purity test score could make it difficult to fit into certain environments but result in the opportunity for new experiences. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which consequences you’re willing to accept when determining your rice purity test score.

Who Administers the Rice Purity Test and Where Can You Take It 

The Rice Purity Test has become popular on the internet as a way to measure purity of demeanor and innocence. Typically the test is administered anonymously with scores ranging from 0-100; the higher the score, the more innocent you are perceived to be. Therein lies an interesting concept for many who use it and who are curious about their own rice purity test score meaning. It’s easy to take part in this social experiment at rice purity, where anyone can submit a request to participate in a virtual survey that will produce an individualized rice purity test score within moments! The data is then used by thousands of schools and research centers around the world to compile overall scores, making it a perfect tool for college students or those looking to get involved in anonymous research surveys.


The Rice Purity Test is a way to measure your level of purity and innocence. The test has been around for many years, with the latest version making the rounds on the internet. The test is made up of 21 questions that ask about your sexual experiences, drug use, and criminal record. Your score will be based on how many questions you answer correctly. Most people take the test for fun, but there are also those who use it to make life decisions.  What’s your score?

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